Who is Luna Lake?

Hi. How ya doin'? Welcome to my blog and my introductory page!!!

My name is, well for now lets call me Luna Lake ;) I was born on January 10th way too many years ago. That makes my star sign capricorn, but I don't believe that crap at all. And basially scoff at people who do, ha ha!

I'm married and live with my husband and 3 cats in the capital region of Finland. To be precise the slightly less known city of Vantaa, just across the border of Helsinki. We live in a lone apartment building in a one bedroom flat. Small as hell, not nearly enough room for all my stuff.

I work as a psychiatric nurse. Pays the bills just about. Nothing fancy. My dreamjob though would be a career of a lottery millionaire or a 50's housewife, no kids though thanks. I would just do housework in heels while drinking cocktails. I do also study in the University of Helsinki, to be able to switch careers one day.

My favorite things to do are pretty common; surfing the net, shopping, hanging out with friends, shopping, travelling, shopping, watching tv-shows/movies, shopping. I have a bad bad shopping addiction and I blame it on my childhood ;) I would love to be able to actually save money instead of spending it all, it would be nice to travel more.

* I'm a messy control freak living comfortably in my organized chaos.
* I'm obsessed with zombies and am totally on team Daryl Dixon :P
* I'm a cat person
* I'm forever dieting to slim down my figure
* I prefer working nights
* I'm far from morningperson. Unless it means I'm staying up til dawn to watch the sun rise.
* I prefer shopping online and buying clothes and stuff from abroad, so many people don't have the same clothing as I do. Also there's nothing to buy for my figure in "normal shops"
* I love designer handbags and I'm a make up fanatic!
* I hate winter.
* I love books.