Friday, 14 June 2013

Bling bling!

Lately I've been on a mission to buy accessories. Necklaces particularly. Statement necklaces, with no real statement behind them... But I have to ask, what is with this gold-plated trend? I wear really polished silver rings on my ring finger, and they never come off, so I always feel really stupid wearing something gold-coloured.. But oops, I've bought a few "gold"-items lately. By accident or on purpose? I really don't know :D Maybe I'm colorblind?

A big bird necklace. Now this is what I call chunky! I love the spikes, the bird, but the cross I could've lived without.

I also love stars. That's why my left arm is full of them. And that's why I bought this bracelet. It's really small though... I'm afraid I'll break it putting it on my wrist :S

And then there are moustaches. You should know by now that I'm obsessed! So I bought a tiny ring from Asos. Tiny, because I have giant fingers... And I also bought a bracelet with glasses from Asos.

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