Thursday, 13 June 2013

The search for a perfect mascara: Urban Decay?

I've noticed, it's incredibly hard to find a perfect mascara! I've had ones I've been satisfied with and a lot that I haven't. I've fallen a victim to empty promises and have yet to find the mascara that is just right for me! So, since I was very pleased with Urban Decays waterproof mascara, I decided to try out their regular mascaras. So I bought them from BeautyBay with a couple of other items.

Now, this is not a review yet. I haven't tried the mascaras out yet thanks to morningshifts. I will try to do a review as soon as.

One can never have too many make up brushes

I'm so in love with these lip colors! This on is called Crush

It was impossible to get a perfect picture... The color is hot pink!

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