Monday, 3 June 2013

Simply be MAD!

Trust Simply Be to bring out to their collection a selection of flapper dresses for the larger lady. WANT!!!!!! But with these prices, I'm lucky to be able to buy one let alone them all :( Why am I such a sucky saver!!!

By the way, sorry for the pictures, they're all through the magic of print screen...

Vintage Lace Flapper Dress €99

20's Vintage Flapper Dress €119

Beaded Flapper Dress €139 also available in nude.

Embellished Flapper Dress €135 also available in apricot
Rise Rosalie Beaded Dress €135
The third one (the most expensive one...) is my favorite. The last one is a close second, but another colour would be nice. The first one, the cheapest one, I could consider buying at the moment. But I seriously hope the prices will go lower.. And I also hope that New Look would bring out some flapper-dresses too. C'mon Great Gatsby, work your magic!!!

What do you think of the flapper style? Does any of these tickle your fancy?

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  1. Mä oon niin pitsidiiva, et toi ykkönen on mun suosikki!