Friday, 21 June 2013

Mascara review

So, recently I bought 2 mascaras by Urban Decay. I have now tested them and am ready to give my opinion on them.

For the past year or so I've used Make Up Stores Drama mascara, but I find the big brush too big...

I like how it separates the lashes though, but because the brush is so big, I find that it lacks the "drama" -effect. What I look for in mascaras is black and outrageous, without being clumpy. I've tried extensions and they weren't for me.

So from Urban Decay I got the Skyscraper multi-beneft mascara and Big Fatty
First up Skyscraper:

I wasn't having the best morning when I tried this on. I like the brush, although plastic brushes has their challenges, there's no give. It kinda separates the lashes and it's black, but I did feel like I have to apply it quite a few layers before reaching what I want. But I did like it. It will at least make a good mascara to wear at work.

Last but not least Big Fatty:

 Again tried on the morning of a workday... But, this one I really like. I love the brush. It separates the lashes and doesn't need to be applied too much for a basic use. It did clump up a bit during the day, but that always happens at work anyway. Today is the second day I'm using it, so we'll see how it holds! :)

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