Sunday, 28 January 2018

Who and what am I?

20 things about me
  1. I’m a 30+ woman, but I’m sticking with 25. I’m married, I have 3 cats and I’m childfree by choice. 
  2. I’m a university student (switching careers) and work as a psychiatric nurse. 
  3. I love make up and buy products a little too much (at least in husbands opinion).
  4. I love handbags! And buy them WAAAYYY too much (at least in husbands opinion).
  5. I’m an atheist and according to many militant or new atheist at that. Because apparently saying you’re an atheist and question religion and the existence of deities out loud, makes you militant. 
  6. Politically I’m a leftie and live in a green socialist bubble. “The others” call me ‘suvakki’ because I don’t hate immigrants. Or the lgbtq-community.
  7. I love the Eurovision Song Contest
  8. The only sports I follow and am interested in is the FIFA World Cup and UEFA European Championship. 
  9. I’m plus-sized and it annoys me that the physical stores don’t offer anything nice and reasonably priced to wear. 
  10. I’ve lived abroad a few times and I will always feel wanderlust. I want to live somewhere else at some point in time again. 
  11. I hate the winter. I don’t mind the rain, the dark, the gloom. Temperatures above 0 Celsius and rain beat freezing temperatures and snow, always. Except at Christmas. And in Lapland. 
  12. I’m a feminist and will proudly say so. No, it doesn’t mean I hate men or that I want women to be the überlords of the universe. I’m for equality and equal opportunities for all. 
  13. I’m a mass consumer of social media and practically married to my phone.
  14. I’m a shopaholic, it’s a problem. For real. It’s a major problem. 
  15. I’m a chronic insomniac. I’m forever sleep deprived. Sometimes I can’t function at all because of it. 
  16. I love books! READ! It’s good for you! 
  17. I’m a grammar nazi. Let’s just leave it that. 
  18. I often get fixated on a certain thing. At the moment it’s bullet journaling. 
  19. If I was asked whether I’d save my cats or the neighbors kid from a fire, I’d save my cats. Or I’d die with them. #sorrynotsorry
  20. I’m an Apple-person, iMac is on my wishlist for this year.

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