Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Playlist challenge!

Put your playlist on shuffle and answer the questions below. No cheating.
(I'm not quite sure about the English, I just copied this... some of them seem off to me :D evidence way down below!)
I challenge you all to do this! And if you do, please send me a link!!!

I'm going to use my Eurovision-playlist on Spotify for this purpose! :D

1. Your favourite song when it plays.
° Rise like a phoenix – Conchita Wurst
2. Your least favourite song when it plays.
° Making your mind up – Bucks Fizz
3. This song describes when you're happy.
° Time – Izabo
4. This song will make you laugh.
° I feed you my love – Margaret Berger
5. This song describes your childhood.
° Amazing – Tanja
6. This song describes your sexuality.
° Främling – Carola
7. This song describes your "fantasies".
° Shake it – Sakis Rouvas
8. This song will play when you're taking a bath/shower.
° Düm tek tek – Hadise
9. This song describes your guilt pleasure/habit.
° Save your kisses for me – Brotherhood of man
10. In the future, this is the song you'll tell your kids/grandkids (IN MY CASE CATS).
° L'enfer et moi – Amadine Bourgeois
11. This song will remind you of somewhere.
° Rändajad – Urban Symphony
12. This song will make you dance/"turn up".
° The worrying kind – The Ark
13. This song will play by one of your favorite bands/artists.
° Allez Ola Olé – Jessy Matador
14. This song will make you fall asleep.
° Love will set you free – Engelbert Humperdinck
15. This is the song that no one would expect you to love.
° To the sky – Tijana
16. This song will describe "you"/your personality.
° Deli – Mor ve ötesi
17. This is a song that you never get tired of.
° Lipstick – Jedward
18. This song describes when you're sad.
° Anixi – Sofia Vossou
19. This is the song that you wish it played on the radio.
° Rise up – Freaky fortune
20. This is the song you wish you could have composed/co-written/produced/performed/gotten credit for.
° Alcohol is free – Koza mostra

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