Sunday, 4 February 2018

Week in review and what's coming next week!

The legendary Fast Show

This week in review:

Song of the week: Benjamin Ingrosso - Dance you off (unfortunately this won't be available for a few weeks :C )

Tv-programme of the week: Melodifestivalen semifinal 1

Best moment of the week: The beginning of the giveaways in my blog.

Best people: my followers <3 p="">
<3 p="">
Achievement of the week: Drinking plenty of water instead of Diet Pepsi.
<3 p="">
Downside of the week: Having no money.

<3 p="">

What's coming next week?

<3 p="">
- Trip to Ikea!
<3 p="">- Tasting Spanish condiments (probably).
<3 p="">- Probably some deep an meaningful posts ;D (because I'll be on nightshifts).

Love, Luna

<3 p="">

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