Monday, 6 May 2013

Blog everyday for a month: Day in the life

Day 3: Day in the Life: 
Tell us about your typical day. 
Or maybe do a photo diary of what you are doing on the 
hour every hour for 12 hours.
Or you could sum up what you did today.

Well... I have different kinds of typical days. It pretty much depends on do I have to work or not. On a workday it's pretty much:
- Get up
- Put on make up
- Go to work
- Work
- Come home
- Be exhausted and stare at the computer screen
- Go to bed

My days off are also spent, a lot, in front of the computer. I'm a junkie, I admit it. Usually I have my alarm clock on, but most of the time I end up hitting the snooze button and waking up whenever. Then I drag my ass out of the bed and sit at my desk doing 'stuff and things'. I surf the net, reading the news and gossip. Reading blogs, look through pretty much all the shops I shop from. Then I put on a tv-show to play on the background and blog, play a game or write letters.

And that's what I do all day. Sure there are the regular chores that is mandatory in a household of two adults. So pretty much the occasional wash load, dishes and grocery shopping, cleaning up the kitty litter and cooking food. Exciting, huh! 
On a non-typical day I go to town, meet friends, take my camera out etc...

After wasting the day doing pretty much nothing, it's time to climb back to the bed and either watch some show or read a book.

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