Sunday, 12 May 2013

Requested: My tattoos

I have 8 tattoos in total. Here's a little story about them. I apologize for the quality of the photos. Many people always say "my tattoo has to have a meaning". Well I don't in many a case. I love tattoos, I'm hooked on them and I plan to have many more. I go by feeling. I do have a few that have a very special meaning for me though.

My first one was an 'om'-symbol, I was really interested in buddhism at that point. I was 21 at the time. The tattoo has since been covered by this.

This is my left upper arm. The stars go up to my shoulder. I love stars, cliche of a subject, but I don't care! I want to continue this, to make it a bit softer by adding "stardust" or something. This tattoo is custom made. 

I got the cover up 2 years ago. At the same time I also got a lyric from a song by a Swedish band Kent. It's one of my favourite bands and the lyric is dedicated for my husband, but also displays my love for the band. The lyrics basically say how I can't live without you. The google translation is pretty accurate, but it's so much prettier in Swedish ❤

Sappy, yes. Love it, yes.

The next one is on my right calf, it's a small one. It's supposed to be a some sort of sign for Capricorn. You can see it has horns, right? :D I'm thinking about getting it covered up or pimping it up. Dunno yet. Got it done in Wales, all of my other tattoos have been done by various tattoo artists in Finland.

Then there are these on my back. The sun was made in 2008. The Jamiroquai dude I got some 12 years ago. It's badly made and really faded. But it's on my back, so I hardly even remember its existence. I guess I should take a fresh photo of my back to see how things are over there ;)

This one I do remember :P This one I also got 2 years ago. It's a buddy tattoo :) My best friend has the exactly the same tattoo. It says bubbly (as in champagne) in Finnish. I (we) love bubbly :p~~~

The next ones have the biggest meaning to me:
This one is a line from a song called Cardiff Afterlife by the Manic Street Preachers. It marks my time over in the UK. 

In the 'blog everyday for a month' -challenge I wrote about my late cat Oliver. Here's the tattoo I got custom made, by Leena Lumilampi of Bonafide tattoo, in honor of him. It hurt like hell to get it done. Much like the pain of losing him :'( 

very much swollen in this photo.

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