Friday, 31 May 2013

I graduated once too

Graduation season is among us! Thousands will graduate from one school or another on Saturday, others have graduated a week or so ago.

I've graduated twice. There was the high school a gazillion years ago. I remember I wore a pale blue dress and white sandals with a block heel so high they draw the focus to themselves on the pictures... I've pretty much always been the tallest of my friends, even though I'm not even 170cm tall.. So everytime I wore heels I felt like an amazon. I've gotten to know taller people since :D

My second graduation was from nursing school. A year late I might add. I've also always been a major procrastinator. This is what my graduation looked like. In the middle of the winter of 2011.

Flowers from the husband
Strawberrycake with a red cross

Bought a mold from eBay to make these awesome chocolates!

Jell-o shots served from medicine cups in the manner of liquid diazepam
In the footsteps of Florence Nightingale?

Nurse Ratchett

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