Monday, 27 May 2013

Rhodes pt 1: Around.

Before I begin, be warned: there's gonna be a few posts about my trip to Rhodes :P

The trip was awesome and just what I needed. Now I can see why my in-laws return to Rhodes every summer. Although I would want to go somewhere else every now and again ;) Anyway, I hope to return to Rhodes next year, I didn't see nearly enough of it this time! Also my tan is not nearly deep enough ;) I need a few trips to solarium.... The timing was perfect, it wasn't fully packed with tourists although there were a lot of them. Our hotel was quite peaceful, only a handful of children. The flight to and from..... it was like I was in kindergarten... My idea of hell pretty much.

Anyway here's my first photopost! Just some general snapshots of Rhodes!

We stayed in Ixia, a couple of kilometers away from the Rhodes city. The place was really quiet a few shops and a few restaurants and bars. The hotel was beautiful, very exclusive. I'm sure the exclusive clients got very much out of it.

Amathus Beach Hotel

The lobby
The view from the 11th floor restaurant
The sunset. The hills there are Turkey.
The busticket cost pretty much the same it costs around Helsinki. The taxi? Cheap as hell!
The shops were open until late. They sold pretty much everything!
Got an ugly little buddy on the balcony of our hotel room :S
The beautiful moonrise in Mandraki harbour
On our last day we pretty much got lost in the old town. A happy accident! The place was beautiful too! One of the places I'd need to explore more!


  1. On ihan pakko kommentoida..Ihania kuvia! Ite kävin joskus yläaste ikäsenä rhodoksella pari kertaa ja edelleen haluaisin käydä tuolla. Mahtavaa nähdä pitkästä aikaa tuoreita kuvia sieltä :)

    1. Kiitos! Oli kyllä ihana paikka! Itsellä oli kyseessä ensimmäinen kerta, muttei takuulla viimeinen! Seuraavalla kerralla pakko olla kaksi viikkoa, eihän se yksi riitä mihinkään :)