Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Rhodes shopping pt 2: I must have this!

Now I'm gonna show off what else I bought. From shops that don't exist in Finland. That's always a reason enough for me!

My most important buy to shield me from sunstroke was this:

My beloved stetson!!! ❤ From some tourist shop...

I was happily surprised when I saw there was a Sephora at the town centre! Could've bought the whole shop, but then I just settled for these. On the last day I was on my way over there again to buy some lipstick, but the Sephora -part was torn apart!!!!! I just hope it's up and running if I ever go there again!

I tried the blue eye shadow and was really happy with it! And the blush! It goes very well with a tanned skin!!! The purple eye shadow is yet to be tried. 

The eye makeup remover was cheap and good. Not as oily as the M.A.C. one I've  been using, so I bought two  just to have them last a while!
These couple of items I bought from a store called Terranova, it's a clothing store, but due to being plus-sized I didn't even realy look at the clothes.. Apart from the tourist shops I didn't see any clothes bigger than L anywhere...

These I got from Colosseum another clothes store. Smaller than Terranova but with more accessories, shoes and bags! I really liked that store ;)

I was actually surprised these fit awesomely!

A flowery snood and a moustache scarf!


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    1. Shoppailu on the best! Sitten kun vielä löytäisi matkalaukun joka painaa kilon ja lentoyhtiön joka ei nillitä painosta, niin ai että!!! :)

      nimim. 10kg ylipainoa >.<