Monday, 27 May 2013

Rhodes shopping pt 1: the tourist stuff

Did a bit of shopping. More than I thought I did :D Oh well. Here's my tourist purchases.

Greek food is awesome! I might have to ask my mother in-law to bring me some more  spices!

I collect fridge magnets, the nazars were sold everywhere so I resorted into buying one. The turquoise necklace  reminds me of the beautiful sea!

There were also a lot of helmets sold all around the place. Reminds me of gladiator dancers in previous Eurovision Song Contests :D

Bravo Sakis! We decided to find a music store to go and buy Sakis cd's. My friend even bought a DVD!

2 photoalbums... I paid more for the smaller one than the big one. But the old man was so sweet I had to buy something. I'm gonna use the small one for my 'polaroids' and am gonna print out photos for the big one. 

Olive oil, of course! Could've bought a whole lot more of it. The strawberry marmalade is french and I was supposed to use it on bread, but I totally forgot it. 

Herbs inside the oil bottle.

For my dear husband: Ouzo and something to drink it from :D

Some caramels and Hersheys kisses I found at the airport!!!! I loved the jar that's why I bought them. At the airport they also sold Hershey's cookies and cream -chocolate bars!!! I haven't had a chance to eat those since I was 17! I also bought some lokoum to take to work as a souvenir. 

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