Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Blog everyday for a month: Five Fave Blogs

Day 4: Five Fave Blogs:
Share the blog love! Tell us about five blogs you love and why?

Well, this is a hard one. A very hard one. I've never even thought about liking something better than another. Or why I love/like some blogs. And I'm not gonna do that here either. I assume people can see the blogs I follow by clicking my name and looking at my profile. 
The blogs I like the best are written by normal people who basically don't have any blogsponsors or whatever. Those blogs pretty much just piss me off. Regular people with a normal cashflow who post pictures of their outfits and stuff. Stuff you can actually get inspiration from and afford to buy. That's what I like. And just reading about life. And travels. 
I mostly follow Finnish blogs, now I've found some British blogs to follow as well. Finally! I do most of my shopping online from British stores. I mostly read plus size -blogs and am constantly looking for more! So feel free to comment on this post and giveaway your blog or a plus size -blog you love!  

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